Beacon 360 Rechargeable LED Beacon BEACON360HO

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360 degree Site Lighting | 6000 Lm | Rechargeable | IP65 Rated

The Beacon 360 operates in three light modes to tailor to your application providing 360 degrees of white light when you need it. The highest power mode provides 6,000 lumens of bright white light for up to four hours. The low power mode provides 3,000 lumens for 8 hours. And finally, the power saver mode provides 900 lumens for an amazing 25 hours. All this while only taking 4 hours to charge, and the light can be run simultaneously while charging.

The Beacon 360 is incredibly versatile and can be powered either by its built in battery or direct from the mains and comes with a wide variety of mounting options. The 4-8' tripod can raise up to move the light out of eye level while illuminating a greater area. The powerful magnet mount can attach to structural steel and move easily into place where you need it and the floor stand provides a super compact and portable solution. A lifting eye can also be supplied allowing you to attach to a rope for lowering into deep holes or hoisting up to higher areas.

Due to its Portability, Robust and Compact build Quality the Beacon 360 is used extensively by the Emergency Services, Utility Providers and the Transport industry to name but a few.