Elite 240 Volt 2.5 KW Portable Oil Filled Radiator OFRH2.5

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Electric heaters come in various forms and predominantly are either oil filled or fan assisted and are a great way to produce instant heat when you need it most.

Oil filled radiators work by using an electrical element which is submerged in a reservoir of thermal oil inside the appliance, as the oil is heated the heat is transferred to the fins of the radiator which in turn omit the heat.

Fan heaters work on the principle that an electrical current is passed through an element converting the energy in to heat, a fan to the rear of the heater element blows air over the heat source creating warm air.

The Elite and Master Range of electric heaters range from 2kW or 6,800 Btu to 40kW or 136,500 Btu and are available in 110, 240 and 415 Volts.