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Master MAS13 HEPA 13 Main & Pre Filter Set 4141.216

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Master MAS13 HEPA 13 & Pre-Filter Set

Removes Airborne: Bacteria, Viruses, Allergens, Dust, Pollen & Smoke


How To Calculate How Many MAS13 Air Scrubbers You Need For Your Enclosed Space:

1) Calculate the size of the room in cubic metres (m3): Length x Width x Height

Example: 60m x 8.0m x 2.4m = 1152m3

2) To calculate how long the air scrubber takes to change the air one time. To do so, divide the room’s m3 (Cubic Metre) from step 1 by the m3/h (Cubic Metre Per Hour) of one air scrubber.

Example: 1152m3 ÷ 1300m3/h = 0.89 This means that one MAS13 will purify the air every 60 minutes covering a floor area of 480m2 (based on a ceiling height of 2.4m)

If the floor area was 240m2 (based on a ceiling height of 2.4m) the MAS13 would purify the air every 30 minutes.